Watch: MSNBC’s Melvin Stunned Top Pediatricians Unanimously Saying They Would Send Kids Back to School

Monday on MSNBC, host Craig Melvin was stunned after NBC News/MSNBC medical correspondent Dr. John Torres’ segment featuring pediatricians saying they would send their kids back to school in the fall with proper precautions like mask-wearing and social distancing plans in place.

Torres interviewed Dr. Yvonne Maldonado in California, Dr. Shilpa A. Patel in New Jersey, Dr. William V. Raszka in Vermont, Dr. Jennifer Lighter in New York and Dr. Buddy Creech in Tennesse.

Melvin said, “We’re hearing a lot from government officials as schools look to reopen during this pandemic but, it’s paramount that we also hear from public health experts. NBC’s Dr. John Torres talked with a group of them about the crucial factors patients need to consider when deciding whether to send their kids back to the classroom.”

Torres said, “As schools struggle with reopening safely, NBC News reached out to five top pediatricians across the country. A random sampling of doctors to find out just how dangerous the coronavirus is for kids. Our experts agree most children don’t get as sick as adults and that serious complications are rare.”

He added, “In fact, kids only account for 2% of all cases. doctors say they don’t expect that number to significantly increase when schools open because kids don’t appear to be good at spreading the virus.”

Dr. Lighter said, “The data that’s come out now seems to show that most transmissions occur from adults to adults or adults to children.”

Torres said, “While many teachers are concerned about reopening school so soon, the five doctors we spoke to agree the benefits of being in the classroom far outweigh the risk of disease. But the key is to reopen safely.”

He added, “All agreed, guidelines should include rules for social distancing, keep desks 3 to 6 feet apart and make sure desks are facing away from each other. They may want to consider holding gym classes outside.”

Torres asked, “Would you let your kids go back to school?”

Dr. Patel said, “I will. My kids are looking forward to it.”

Dr. Raszka said, “Yes, period.”

Dr. Lighter said, “Absolutely. as much as I can.”

She added, “Without a hesitation, yes.”

Dr. Creech said, “I have no concerns about sending my child to school in the fall.”

Dr. Maldonado said, “I would let my kids go back to school.”

After the segment ended a shocked looking, Melvin said, “They all said yes.”

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