FL Gov. DeSantis: Spike Locations Show Coronavirus ‘Seasonal’

Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) told FNC’s “Fox & Friends” he saw the current COVID-19 spike situations in some states as having a connection to seasons.

DeSantis noted the highest outbreaks were in Sunbelt states “almost in unison,” coming in the summer months.

“[I]f you look across the Sunbelt — look, I’m not saying that there’s nothing to do with behavior,” he said. “Obviously, that can happen. But regardless of policy, you’re seeing cases across the Sunbelt almost in unison. First, it was Arizona, then Florida and Texas, then Southern California, then South Carolina. So I think that just the natural progression of this is different in the Sunbelt than it was in the northeast. And so our view has been, you know, we knew that it was going to come back at some point, you know when we went to phase one at the beginning of May.”

“Fortunately, we had six weeks of the lowest numbers we had had throughout the pandemic. Then we started to see it pick up,” DeSantis continued. “So we’ve been ready for that, not only in terms of what we’ve done with supporting hospitals. We’ve established 15 COVID-only nursing homes so that seniors who get infected have a place to go and on and on. So we’ve been prepared for it. I personally thought it probably was going to come back in the fall, but dealing with it in the summer is something that we’re ready for, and we’re handling.”

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