McCarthy: Dems ‘Have a China Problem — ‘I Don’t Know What China and the Communist Party Has on the Democrats, But It’s Being Very Effective’

During an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Justice” on Saturday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) criticized his House Democrat colleagues for their inaction on China, particularly with regards to the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

McCarthy noted House Democrats’ refusal to allow legislation critical of China and described the situation as Democrats having a “China problem.”

“The Democrats who control Congress are doing the exact same thing they are doing it Portland, Chicago and New York,” he said. “They’re doing nothing. So if you want to feel safe and secure, you want to have a change not only in Congress but across this country. Because what you’re finding today is not only did China lie to the world about this virus. Here we are as Americans using the ingenuity that the innovative spirit to solve this problem, we are coming on vaccines very soon and therapeutics. The President has done an amazing job with this. Now, we’re finding China is trying to hack into these companies. So I produced a Bill that would sanction anybody who is doing that because it slows the process down. It came to the floor. And you know what happened? The Democrats voted against it.”

“Not only did they vote against it, the chairman of Armed Services said it’s not China’s fault with this virus,” McCarthy continued. “Then you watch that Adam Schiff said it’s not China’s fault. Then you’ve watched their own Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi hold bills up to hold China accountable to not bring them to the floor. The Democrats have a China problem. I don’t know what China and the Communist Party has on the Democrats, but it’s being very effective, that they’re holding back any accountability to China and ability for us to go in not only to punish them for the virus, but they’re actually slowing the process down for a vaccine that they won’t punish individuals when they want to hack into it.”

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