Pelosi Unveils New Nickname for Trump: ‘Mr. Make Matters Worse’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) dubbed President Donald Trump “Mr. Make Matters Worse” over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Pelosi said, “There are some suggestions that relate to schools and the rest, we have initiative in California to that respect. What we will not support is the following; what they’re saying to essential workers, you have to go to work because you’re essential. We place no responsibility on your employer to make that workplace safe. If you get sick, you have no recourse because we’ve given the employer protection. And if you don’t go to work because you’re afraid of being sick and you have that job opportunity you don’t get unemployment insurance, this is so unfair. Let’s just get to the heart of it.”

She added, “The point of all of this is this president— I have a new name for him, Mr. Make Matters Worse. He has made matters worse from the start- delay, denial, it’s a hoax, it’ll go away magically, it’s a miracle, and all the rest and we’re in this situation.”

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