Graham: Senate Coronavirus Bill Takes ‘Big Step’ on Bringing Medical Supply Chain to U.S.

During a press conference on Monday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) touted provisions in the HEALS Act, the coronavirus relief package introduced by Senate Republicans, to address China and return the medical supply chain to America by saying that supply chain provisions in the bill will be “a big step forward” to returning the medical supply chain to America.

Graham said, “Last time, we didn’t do much about China. This time we are. So, what have we learned? 90% of the protective equipment that our doctors and nurses and healthcare professionals need to keep us safe and keep their families safe is made in China. So, President Trump is hellbent on trying to bring the medical supply chain back. There’s a big step forward in this bill. We have a $7.5 billion tax credit to incentivize PPE material to be made in the United States: gloves, masks, gowns, sanitizers, bedding, a $7.5 billion tax credit modeled off the energy tax credit, we think that ought to have a big effect on bringing the supply chain back. Under the Berry Amendment, there’s a requirement that American military uniforms be made in America. We’re going to put PPE under that.”

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