Seattle Officers Guild Pres: 50% Defunding Will Make CHAZ ‘Look Like Child’s Play’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Seattle Police Officers Guild President Michael Solan stated that the proposed 50% defunding of the city’s police department “will make CHAZ/CHOP, the experience that it was, look like child’s play,” and that if the proposal is implemented, “Seattle will be a lawless wasteland.”

Solan said, “I ask for support from any local, state, or federal law enforcement entity to help us in Seattle. Because we almost lost the ability to have less-lethal tools that are effective in holding a riotous mob back. Trace, if we lost that tool, we would have lost a precinct over this past weekend, and the evidence is 60 cops were hurt by improvised explosive devices, projectiles, wood, frozen water bottles, metal. So, to deny any type of assistance from any law enforcement entity, to me, is unconscionable.”

He added, “I find it ironic that the city council is now looking to defund us by 50%. That move will make CHAZ/CHOP, the experience that it was, look like child’s play, when you have up to 800 officers that will lose their jobs. Because, as you know, Trace, 50% of the budget is 85% salary. Seattle will be a lawless wasteland.”

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