Clyburn: Trump ‘Signing a Death Warrant for a Lot of People’ with Mail-In Voting Opposition

Saturday on CNN, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) argued President Donald Trump’s opposition to mail-in voting was akin to “signing a death warrant for a lot of people.”

Clyburn said, “I think that we ought to, whatever legislation we pass, we ought to stipulate that we will have absentee voting for all federal elections beginning October 5th. I think we ought to fund the capacity of each state to have ballot boxes strategically located so that people can deposit their ballots and do so in a safe and secure way. We ought not be saying to people, must go to crowded voting places on one day, November 3rd, in order for your vote to count. We can easily have absentee voting much more widespread than we currently have.”

He added, “We ought not be crippling the Post Office, and for the president to admit that he is doing this in order to gum up the works when it comes to the elections, he is actually signing a death warrant for a lot of people that he ought not be doing this.”

Host Ana Cabrera said, “So, you would blame him if people get sick and potentially die from the coronavirus by going to the polls and actually casting their ballot in person?”

Clyburn said, “Absolutely. He’s the one that’s doing this. He and his postmaster general. They met several days ago before all of this stuff happened. We see them taking machines, sorting machines out of the post offices. I’ve received reports that they are moving post office boxes into neighborhoods that I frequent, and so what are they doing this for? If it’s not to gum up the works when it comes to this election.”

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