MSNBC’s Reid: Trump Supporters Have Guns, Black Lives Matter Kids Have Skateboards

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said suburban moms fear President Donald Trump supporters with guns, not Black Lives Matter kids” with “skateboards and a bull horn,” on Monday’s broadcast of “The Reidout.”

Washington Post opinion writer Jennifer Rubin said, “This was the guy who brought two people to his convention who are indicted for waving weapons at Black Lives Matter people. This is the party now of white vigilanteism of white supremacy because the Republican Party has rolled over, didn’t bother to come up with a platform or agenda of their own. Every Republican has bought into this notion of Trump, bought into the incitement of racial conflict, bought into this really, George Wallacish race-baiting. I think they are going to pay a heavy price. I do not think this is what people in the suburbs are looking for.”

Reid said, “I will tell you, it’s very hard to find a George Wallace voter, no one ever admits to it anymore. I think a lot of suburban white women are concerned that their sons, a lot of whom support Black Lives Matter, will get hurt and shot at a protest not by liberals, by Trumpists, the people carrying the guns. Black Lives Matter kids have skateboards and a bull horn. Their mothers are those women in the suburbs. Trump may want to think about that.”

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