Trump Campaign Spox Perrine: Media ‘Time and Again’ Conflating Mail-In Voting, Absentee Voting

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign principal deputy communications director Erin Perrine sounded off on mail-in voting in the upcoming presidential election amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Perrine noted there is a”big difference” between a vote-by-mail elections system and absentee voting, saying the media “time and again” are the only ones “conflating the two. Perrine argued against universal mail-in voting, saying it is “absolutely open to fraud.”

“Listen, the only people that are conflating universal mail-in voting, 100 percent voting where you get a ballot to everybody on the voter rolls, and we know voter rolls are notoriously filled with errors, and absentee voting is the media,” Perrine stated. “The media is allowing for the two to be conflated time and again. There is a big difference between — like the president, who votes by absentee. He can’t be at home on Election Day; he submits a request for a ballot, he receives that ballot, signs it, and submits his vote. That’s very different from what Democrats in say Nevada are trying to do, which is send out open, live ballots to universal voting rolls to people who may not be active voters, to people who may have moved or have died. That is absolutely open to fraud. You are putting a live ballot out to everybody, and that means if they’re not there, somebody else could cast that vote, grab that ballot. That’s an issue, and that’s what we’re talking about here, and that’s what Democrats are trying to do — so, chaos into the election system to upend it right before Election Day. The president wants people to vote legally and legally once.”

Perrine said Trump is “clear” that he wants people who fear contracting the coronavirus when voting to have the freedom to submit an absentee vote.

“The president by no means has said that people should not vote absentee, to request a ballot, to put the ballot in the mail,” Perrine advised. “What he is saying is what Democrats are trying to do with universal mail-in voting and upending the elections system is ripe for fraud and chaos.”

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