McEnany on Coronavirus: Trump Shows We Can ‘Overcome This’ — ‘An Acknowledgement of What This Administration Has Done’

Fresh off announcing she has tested positive for COVID-19, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Tuesday provided an update on President Donald Trump’s condition as he recovers from a bout with the virus.

McEnany told Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Company” that Trump, who on Monday returned to the White House after a weekend stay at Walter Reed Hospital, is “feeling great.”

“He is feeling great,” McEnany advised. “I’ve been on the phone with the chief of staff and many others who are saying, you know, you’re hard at work but you are allowed to rest, you know that right? But he’s hard at work rearing and ready to go wanting to get back out there and he is feeling very good, not only in spirits but in good health.”

McEnany also called into question the “disdain, animosity, rage” aimed at Trump for leaving the hospital and returning to the White House.

“I’ve never seen such disdain, animosity range at the notion of the commander-in-chief contracting COVID and then coming over and getting over it,” she lamented. “This would be a moment where we say we’re grateful that he is healthy and in good spirits — not only that, most of all, it’s an acknowledgment, really. The fact that the president was able to come through is an acknowledgment of what this administration has done.

The press secretary added now that Trump has battled with the virus, he does not want Americans to be “fearful” of it.

The economy is open. Americans are going back to work. He doesn’t want the American people to be fearful,” McEnany outlined. “He’s clear-eyed at what this virus is like, he himself has gone through it. But being clear-eyed also is paired with being optimistic about our future, giving the American people encouragement that we can go back to work safely if we wash our hands, socially distance and wear masks when we can’t do so. We can overcome this, and it does not mean re-shutting down the economy as some on the Democrats’ side would like to do. It means reopening and doing so safely and cautiously.”

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