Donald Trump Jr.: Democrats, Media Suppressing Biden Ukraine Story — ‘Absolutely Disgusting’

Donald Trump Jr., son of President Donald Trump, said on this week’s broadcast of Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that the media and Democrats were suppressing a New York Post article that purports to show emails from Hunter Biden linking his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, to his Ukraine business dealings.

Trump said, “What we’re finding right now is everything that the Democrats and the media and I group them as one and the same at this point because that’s pretty clear in that you could include social media with that, everything that they hoped and prayed I was doing, that they made me testify for 30 hours for, that they said I had committed treason doing, Hunter Biden was actually doing, with knowledge of Joe Biden, because you notice that in all of the sort of non-denial denials. One thing they are not saying is that Joe Biden didn’t take these meetings, and Joe Biden didn’t have this knowledge. They came up with that ridiculous excuse, well, the meeting with the corrupt Ukrainian whose paying your son millions and holding millions for you, that wasn’t on Joe Biden’s calendar. Like oh, well, in that case, then the media oh, they love it, and it’s not official. Is anyone this stupid? I mean, this is absolutely disgusting.”

He continued, “Then you have the FBI sitting on the laptop for a year and a half, they are saying it was hacked, and they are doing the go-to plan which is well Russian disinformation. The second it’s anything bad about the Bidens. They start that with the full help of the FBI and the CIA.”

He added, “We have to keep fighting. We’re fighting with one leg and two arms tied behind our back. You know, we don’t have the mainstream media that’s willing to, at this point, not even just boost the other side but literally run cover for what would arguably be the biggest corruption scheme in American political history. This is the stuff that makes Watergate look like kindergarten.”

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