Beto O’Rourke: If Texas Turns Blue, Our 38 Electoral Votes ‘End This National Nightmare’

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) said on Monday’s broadcast out MSNBC’s “Deadline” that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden could win Texas decisively enough for the results to be in on election night.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “Do you think Joe Biden believes he can win Texas, and do you think Democrats and Biden supporters in Texas believe they could turn that state blue?”

O’Rourke said, “Yes, on both counts. Just a couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to welcome Senator Kamala Harris in Texas and not just anyplace in Texas, but the Rio Grande Valley. One of the toughest places to get to but important in terms of what it means for their ability to win this state as the first Democratic ticket in 44 years to do so. And as you know, that is not a charity operation. They didn’t come here to make anyone feel good. They came here to try to win the state. And then you mentioned earlier that the Texas voters, against the most voter suppressive laws and ongoing tactics that sought to disenfranchise 100,000 voters. They went from 50th to first in the nation to surpass 2016 voter turnout. So I’m proud of this state at this moment.”

He continued, “So I think it is, in fact, those organizers who have been at this not just for the last couple of cycles but for the last decade. Texas Organizing Project is a great example. Move is another one. They’re having conversations not just in October or November of an election year, but every month thereafter, engaging with largely Black and Latino communities, the very communities that have been voter suppressed and intimidated in previous election cycles. I think the credit is owed to them and their organizers who have been at this and helping engage an electorate that is most diverse of any swing state in the country, certainly the largest of any swing state.”

O’Rourke added, “You saw the poll this morning, 48.1% Joe Biden and Donald Trump 48.1%. This is deciding the outcome not in days or weeks to follow, if we leave it to Pennsylvania, but could do that on election night. 38 Electoral College votes and this game is over, and there is no path forward for Trump, no ability for him to sow chaos or confusion or contest this in the courts. By the math, we’ll know that the election is decided. So I really hope that Texas continues to turn out in these numbers and end this national nightmare on the night of November 3.”

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