Gillibrand: ‘Trump Is Just Kicking and Screaming Like the Child He Often Is’

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said Wednesday on CNN’s “The Lead” that President Donald Trump was “just kicking and screaming like the child he often is” by not conceding in the presidential race.

Guest anchor Pamela Brown asked, “The Biden team is trying to turn down the temperature saying he can proceed even without Trump conceding. You have called President Trump’s refusal to concede outrageous. What approach is best here, do you think?”

Gillibrand said, “Well, President Trump is just kicking and screaming like the child he often is. And while he is entitled to file lawsuits, ask for recounts, the reality is that Joe Biden won this election. And the fact that they are unable to have an ascertainment of this election and not eligible to start the peaceful and critical transition that has gone on efficiently in every other election is really going to harm the United States.”

She continued, “Joe Biden needs access to national security information. He needs access to information about what’s happening in the agencies with regard to the Covid epidemic. He is entitled to resources to begin his transition. And that lack of ascertainment is highly problematic, and something that has not been withheld while lawsuits or recounts have taken place in the past.”

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