Rubio Urges GOP to Not ‘Walk Away’ from People Trump Brought in

Thursday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) called on the Republicans to not “walk away” from the people the party brought in during President Donald Trump’s presidency.

Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” host Sandra Smith asked Rubio if Trump’s legal battles fail, and he loses the presidency, what would happen with the GOP.

Rubio said despite whichever outcome in the election, Trump will remain a “popular and “dominant voice” in the Republican Party.

“We need to make sure all those people that came into our party because of Donald Trump’s work and message, because of the work we’ve done in the Senate, that we don’t suddenly walk away from them,” Rubio cautioned. “The message that he has been hitting on for four years and the message that we’ve been working on as well is we are on the side of hard-working everyday Americans who simply want to have an economy. They don’t want to be told, for example, that sorry, your job is going to China because it’s how the free market works. We’re for the free market, not socialism.”

“[H]e will be the dominant voice in Republican politics whether he is president or not,” he later added. “I think that’s pretty clear. Seventy million people voted for him, where I live in South Florida. He went from a 30-point loss in 2016 to only seven in a county that’s overwhelmingly Democrat. He’s converted a bunch of people who never voted before or used to vote Democrat who are now Republican or vote for Republicans. So, irrespective of the outcome, Donald Trump is going to be the most popular and the most influential Republican in the country for the foreseeable future, and the message and issues that he focused on are going to continue to live on and be important to address, irrespective of the outcome whether he’s president or whether he’s not. And that was going to be true now or four years from now.”

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