Whoopi Goldberg: The Republican Party ‘Doesn’t Care if You Drop Dead Because You Can’t Breathe’

Whoopi Goldberg said Monday on ABC’s “The View” that Republican lawmakers inaction on ensuring a peaceful transition of power or passing another coronavirus stimulus showed the party “doesn’t care if you drop dead because you can’t breathe.”

On coronavirus vaccines, Goldberg said, “He wants credit for having this happen during his watch. He says to historians, ‘Please remember these great discoveries which will end the plague all took place on my watch.’ Should we also remind him how many people died between January and March when he did absolutely nothing on his watch and said it didn’t exist and that it would be gone in a couple of days?”

Co-host Joy Behar said, “These people who defy the protocols are going to be in a pickle when they get sick, and nobody is in the emergency room. When they have an appendicitis attack or their children get sick, no one will be there for them. They need to think about that. There are increased delays in cancer diagnoses going on, and Republicans in Congress do not care about it because all they care about right now is power, retaining it, and nothing will change until the Georgia election. All eyes are on the Georgia election.”

Goldberg said, “Well, you’ve kind of got to think if you are a Republican, you would say to yourself, hey we better get our act together, so the people who are coming in to revote don’t look at us and say, well, they’re the do-nothing party now.”

Guest-host Ana Navarro said, “If Republicans are concerned about how they’re going to go down in history, he’s going down as a whiney, crybaby narcissist because he could not hand over power because he could emotionally and psychologically process that he lost. That’s how he is going to go down as a guy who left the office having a tantrum and impeding the next president in the midst of a pandemic and a national cries from and taking over and having a seamless transition.”

Co-host Sara Haines said, “I saw a nurse talking on tv saying people can’t even catch their breath. They’re dying, and they’re still denying this virus. Republicans who aren’t coming out right now are part of this problem, and they’re doing it purely for power. It’s party over people, and that is absolutely unacceptable.”

Goldberg said, “There we have it, and that’s what all of this is, and when you go in to vote in Georgia, remember, this is the party that doesn’t care if you drop dead because you can’t breathe. Clearly, they know what has to happen, and they are not doing it.”

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