Jeff Flake: Trump Using Contested 2020 Election Similar to How He Used Birtherism

Friday during an appearance on PBS’s “NewsHour,” former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) accused President Donald Trump of using sentiment of some Republicans regarding the 2020 presidential election in a similar way that he used the theory of President Barack Obama birth not having occurred in the United States, which some believed raised questions about his eligibility to be president.

Flake said he did not think Trump believed either the birtherism theory or that the election was in question.

“Yes, these claims are demonstrably false. They’re so far out that I don’t know how anybody, frankly, can believe them. But the president knows that some Republicans will. And it’s similar to the birtherism theory. I don’t think the president ever believed that Barack Obama was not a citizen, but he knew that a lot of Republicans would, and he used it. And he’s doing the same thing now.”

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