Gaetz: ‘Press Corps Gave Donald Trump a Tongue-Lashing for Four Years, and Now They’re Giving Joe Biden a Cat Bath’

During an appearance on FNC’s “The Next Revolution,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) contrasted the double standard applied to President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, which he argued was being done in a way to shape the outcome of American politics.

“We have all the kale and quinoa eating reporters of the Washington beltway to preserve and protect our democracy,” he said. “Look, Steve, this press corps gave Donald Trump a tongue-lashing for four years, and now they’re giving Joe Biden a cat bath. It is ludicrous that they don’t have the willingness to ask the tough questions that Charlie laid out. And look, if there is going to be this intense case street, Corporate America involvement in the transition policies, we have to look at the effect that that will have on real people, real Americans. Instead, the press would rather talk about process.”

“In this country, we deserve a media objective enough to report the facts, and politicians bold enough to shape events,” Gaetz continued. “Instead, we get the perverse opposite, a bunch of whip politicians, and then folks in the media who think it’s their goal not to report on things, but to try to shape the outcome.”

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