Paul on Yellen Appointment: We Have Had a Democrat at Treasury for Four Years — ‘Not Sure that Will Make Much Difference’

Tuesday on FNC’s “Your World,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) took a dig at Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

When asked to react to Joe Biden’s appointment of former Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary, Paul indicated there wasn’t much difference between Yellen and Mnuchin.

“You know, we have had a Democrat at the helm at the Treasury for four years anyway,” he said to host Neil Cavuto. “So, I’m not sure that will make much difference. You know, if the standard is whether or not you spend money like a drunken sailor, we have been doing that anyway. So, I’m not sure that Yellen could be much worse.”

Cavuto asked Paul to elaborate on his statement, to which he said his impulse to “give away free money” was not conservative.

“I see him as trying to shovel money out the door and just give away free money to people,” he added. “And that’s not a conservative notion. That’s a Democrat notion. And I think he is a Democrat.”

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