Axelrod: Republicans Supporting Trump’s Election Fraud Claims ‘Are Cowards’

Former Obama senior adviser David Axelrod said Wednesday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” that members of Congress who support President Donald Trump’s election fraud claims and the 18 state attorneys general forwarding a lawsuit to contest the presidential election results of four battleground states were “cowards.”

Axelrod said, “Let’s just be clear about one thing, the president said yesterday, he said let’s see who has the courage to do what everyone in this country knows is right. Let’s talk about courage. Courage are those secretaries of state and election officials who, under threat of violence against them and their families and political repercussions, did their duty, counted the votes, verified the votes, recounted the votes, and proclaimed a winner based on the will of the people in their states. That is courage. That is courage.”

He continued, “What these people are doing, these 18 attorneys general, the members of Congress, you know Representative Johnson said the president is eager to see the list of who signs on. What do you think that means? What do you think that means? These people are cowards. They’re cowards. So let’s be clear of who is showing the courage and who is showing cowardice here. It will be problematic for Biden because Trump is not going to do what other presidents do. He will try to lead the resistance from outside, and he will threaten Republicans who don’t do what he wants them to do.”

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