Brooks: Dems Should Kill Filibuster if GOP Goes into ‘Full Oppo Mode’

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks said he thinks that if Senate Republicans “go into full oppo mode,” Senate Democrats should ax the filibuster.

Brooks said, “I’ve spent my entire professional life supporting the filibuster. Because I think it forces parties to try to at least work a little across the aisle. Nonetheless, in this crisis, in this situation, I just don’t think we can afford two years of government paralysis. So, if Republicans do go into full oppo mode, I do think Democrats should end the filibuster. That will be tough. Because West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin has sworn that he will never vote for it. And there may be other Democrats. But we just can’t have paralysis for two more years. And taking down a Senate institution, which I believe in in principle, seems to be the necessary thing.”

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