Deutsch: GOP Endorsing Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Midterm ‘Loser’ — Gift to the Democrats

MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch said Friday on “Deadline” that Republican House members who voted not to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from her committee assignments essentially “endorsed” her, which will hurt them in the next general election.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace asked, “I wonder what you think about Republicans attaching themselves willingly to a QAnon conspiracy theorist?”

Deutsch said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your 2021 Republican Party. What a gift it is to the Democrats. Of course, there’s something called a general election. What 199 of those congressmen and women did the other day, they didn’t necessarily vote to not throw her off committees. They endorsed her.”

He continued, “I’m going to use an ad term. They endorsed her. So every time they run in the future, they didn’t just endorse MTG. They endorsed saying that you should execute a president, saying that Jewish lasers came to set the wildfires, all of the atrocities at Parkland didn’t happen. This now sticks with them. It is very easy to get a very simple-minded argument. There’s a reason companies have spokespeople because it’s a way to wrap everything up in one package and say, this is what we stand for. This is our brand values, and that person becomes the logo and the spokesperson.”

He added, “You have the same formula now for the Democrats. You have a spokesperson, MTG, wrapped up. These are the values she stands for. This is the party that endorses her. Boy, I want to get hired by any Democrat that’s going to be running in a general election. The way this ends, the way this finally stops the Republicans, we have to cycle one more time. They have to lose that midterm bigly, to use our ex-president’s term, because they’ll understand this is just a loser. It’s just an absolute loser. The very thing that Republicans tried to sting the Democrats with, ‘Oh, it’s the party of AOC —not to compare AOC to this atrocity of a woman —  it’s so far left they will burn the house down.’ Well, guess what, you handed the gift to the Democrats, and once again, we’ll see you in the general election.”

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