WaPo’s Rubin: GOP All About White Christian ‘Identity’ — They Don’t Believe in Anything

Washington Post opinion writer Jennifer Rubin on Monday’s broadcast of  MSNBC’s “All In” declared that the Republican Party was “all about identity.”

Rubin said, “What do they believe in? What proposals are they advancing? Aside from the ten Republicans who went to the White House with a smallish to tiny plan for rescue, the Republicans don’t believe in anything right now? They don’t believe that politics is a transactional business.”

She continued, “It’s all about identity. The need to control power because they convinced the base without it they’re doomed, Western civilization is doomed, white Christianity is doomed unless they hold power. So it is no longer about policies at all. It is simply about enflaming the base and making their own election a prerequisite of the continuation of life as they know it in America for their base.”

Rubin added, “They have to decide if they believe in democracy and politics is about serving the people or whether it’s a cultural identity spasm and temper tantrum. Right now, I think the temper tantrum set is in control.”

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