Biden: We Inherited Bad Circumstances for Vaccine Rollout — Trump ‘Wasted So Much Time’

President Joe Biden said during a CNN town hall on Tuesday that he inherited difficult circumstances for the coronavirus vaccination rollout because former President Donald Trump “wasted so much time.”

Anchor Anderson Cooper asked, “Are you concerned about the rollout of this online? Because it has been incredibly confusing for a lot of people, not just, you know, older people, it’s younger people just trying to find a place to get a vaccine.”

Biden said, “Yes, I have because look at what we inherited. We inherited a circumstance here where, now for the first — we did a lot in the first two weeks, a circumstance where, number one, there weren’t many vaccinators. You didn’t know where you could go get a vaccine administered to you because there was no one to put it in your arm, number one.”

He continued, “Number two, there was very little federal guidance as of what to look for, how to find out where, in fact, you could go. You can go online, and every single state now has a slightly different mechanism by which they say who’s qualified, where you can get the vaccines, and so on.”

He added, “This is a process. It’s going to take time. Think of what we didn’t do. You and I talked about this during the campaign, we didn’t do from the time it hit the United States. You’re going to inject something in your arm. It’s going to go away. It will all be done by Easter. We wasted so much time, so much time.”

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