Dem Sen. Padilla: As Long as Trump, GOP Push ‘the Big Lie’ We Face ‘Real Imminent Danger of Extremists’

During Wednesday’s broadcast of “CNN Newsroom,” Sen. Alex Padilla (D-CA) warned that if former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party continue to perpetuate “the big lie,” the nation will continue to face “the real imminent danger of extremists.”

CNN’s Jim Sciutto asked the freshman California U.S. Senator if he shared concerns with his colleagues about threats from extremist groups.

“Look, I absolutely do share them,” Padilla replied. “Many reasons for why we’ve seen the rise of domestic violent extremism in recent years. But let me share this, Jim — for the last six years, I served as California’s secretary of state overseeing elections in the most populous, diverse state in the nation but active with my colleagues around the country. And we know the January 6 insurrection was all premised on the big lie — the big lie that Donald Trump continues to perpetuate, most recently this weekend at the CPAC conference.”

He added, “So, as long as they are perpetuating the big lie and other disinformation, we have not just the threat of violence but the real imminent danger of extremists in the nation’s Capitol and throughout in the nation. So, you can’t take this too seriously.”

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