Michael Cohen on NYC Trump Probe: You Are Going to See ‘Indictments Start Flying’

Disgraced former Trump lawyer Micheal Cohen said Friday on MSNBC that Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance was accelerating his criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump’s organization.

Cohen said, “You’re going to see very soon, in my opinion, indictments start flying.”

On being interviewed eight times by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, Cohen said, “Well, like I said — there’s over a million documents, and rest assured there’s one thing I can tell you about Cy Vance and Mark Pomerantz and the entire district attorney team, they are well organized. They are disciplined. They are methodical in their questioning, in their documentation. I mean, there was more paper there, all tabulated in three-ring books, itemized for questions that they wanted to ask me. There was more than you would possibly even imagine. It was like a paper vault of information. And, you know, there’s a lot of documentation. Look, right now, I’m on home confinement, so I certainly have a lot of free time to head downtown, you know, to sit with them. One of the reasons I’m doing this, I will not be the villain of Donald Trump’s story. They need to all be held responsible for their own dirty deeds. I don’t want to be responsible for their actions.”

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