Gingrich Rips ‘Disgraceful’ Big Corporations Over GA Election Law Criticism — Tells You How ‘Corrupt’ They’ve Become

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Friday railed against the “disgraceful” corporations that are critical of the new election law in Georgia.
The law includes voter ID laws for absentee voters and limits ballot drop boxes, among other more restrictive measures to shore up election integrity in the state.

Gingrich pointed out during an interview with Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” that corporations like Coca-Cola will speak out against the Georgia election law but “stand silently” when it comes to the Chinese Communist Party’s actions. He said that, coupled with their apparent support of H.R. 1, shows just how “corrupted” some of the large corporations have become.

“[F]irst of all, H.R. 1 is the corrupt politicians’ act. It eliminates all the barriers that protect us and allow honest citizens to count honest votes,” Gingrich outlined. “Second, almost everything about the Georgia law is a lie — just plain a lie. When President Biden is reading off, I assume, his staff notes said that you couldn’t get water standing in line. That’s flat, plain untrue. In fact, it specifically authorizes the voting officials to provide water for people standing in line if it’s hot. When they say it reduces the number of hours you can vote, that’s just plain a lie. It actually increases the number of hours you can vote. But here is the deal — Coca-Cola is not going to say a word about all the things the Chinese totalitarian government does. They’re not going to have any courage at all about standing up to China because it cost them too much. But living in a woke world with higher woke staff who come out of really elite universities and tell them, ‘Oh yeah, this is the right thing to do, boss. You know, you really have to get out there and be tough,’ and then they hand them the stuff that is just plain lies.”

He continued, “It’s disgraceful how many large American corporations will beat up on conservatives and then stand silently by while the Chinese communists kill people, kill Uighurs, run concentration camps, and have totalitarian control over the society. It tells you how corrupted so many of these large corporations have become. And what they are doing, frankly, I think is eroding any authority they have with the public because the public is going to look at the head of Coca-Cola and say, ‘I got it. You are in the tank to the left and you’re willing to put out whatever your staff writes.'”

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