Kennedy: ‘Biden Just Doesn’t Care’ About Migrant Surge — ‘This Is Dangerous’

Monday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) hit President Joe Biden over his failure to act on fixing the crisis at the United States’ border with Mexico.

Kennedy said that Biden just doesn’t care” about the surge of immigrants that are overwhelming the migrant facilities at the border. He warned of how “dangerous” and “expensive” the border crisis is for the United States.

“Sometimes, when people act like they don’t care, it’s not an act. I think President Biden just doesn’t care,” Kennedy outlined. “I think he plans on admitting between 2 and 3 million illegal immigrants into our country this year. We had hints of that in his campaign.”

“This is dangerous,” he added. “The Border Patrol told me that at least people from 55 countries have already come in. People from all over the world are getting to Mexico and flooding in. Number two, it’s very expensive. Many of these folks will go on welfare, particularly if they can make it to a sanctuary city or a blue state. It puts downward pressure on wages, and it unreservedly undermines illegal immigration, which most Americans support. Now, in further evidence of what I just suggested, the President has put Vice President Harris in charge of trying to combat the illegal immigration. There’s some confusion. She says she doesn’t want it. The President says she’s got to take it. But no disrespect to the Vice President. I know her well, I respect her, but she believes in open borders. Making her the illegal immigration czar, as I said the other day, is like making El Chapo the drug czar.”

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