CNN’s Lemon: Black Lives Matter, ‘White Lies Matter Too’ — GOP Whitewashing Capitol Riot

CNN anchor Don Lemon said on his broadcast of “Don Lemon Tonight” that the Republican Party was trying to “whitewash” the events of the January 6 Capitol riot because House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said he did not support the legislation to create a bipartisan commission to investigate the events of January 6 because the scope is too narrow.

Lemon said, “This is live in Washington, D.C. where Republicans are trying to whitewash the Capitol insurrection, trying to stop a bipartisan commission from getting to the truth of what happened on one of the darkest days in American history.”

He continued, “Now I want to take you to Arizona. That’s where a sham audit of ballots in Maricopa County, ballots that have already been counted over and over and over, a county Joe Biden won, is nothing but another effort to push this big lie, nothing but another effort. And you need to know it’s being fought everywhere in between, everywhere the big lie flourishes is cultivated by the Republican Party why. You’re the party of insurrection now, the party of the big lie.”

Lemon said, “You can’t be a Republican and vote your conscience. I guess it goes out the window for the top Republican who said he could not support the legislation. Well, he could, in fact, he would if he cared at all about the truth. If he cared at all about what happened on January 6th when blood-thirsty Trump supporters, blood-thirsty Trump insurrectionists beat police, defending the Capitol, hunted the hall for lawmakers, put up the gallow outside, and chanted ‘Hang Mike Pence.'”

Lemon added, “There it is, the big lie. The big lie that spawned the insurrection that Kevin McCarthy is trying to sweep under the rug tonight. Trying to whitewash what we saw with our own eyes, and you saw it and heard it with your own ears, you know it’s true, Republicans know it’s true, yet they keep throwing more lies at the wall and hoping it will stick. Remember like grandma used to do with the spaghetti.”

He concluded, “The rioters, they were just like tourists. Oh, no, they were Antifa. Oh, no, they were Black Lives Matter. OK, look, you saw that video. Did you see any Black people? Did you see Black Lives Matter? White lies matter too. Those are all lies.”

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