GOP Sen. Cramer: I Think We Can Get Enough Support from Dems to Bring Back Sanctions on Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.,” Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) said that he thinks he can get enough support for his legislation to bring back the sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that President Joe Biden lifted sanctions on and kill the pipeline.

Host Stuart Varney asked, “Mr. Senator, do you have enough support to bring back sanctions on Nord Stream 2 and kill that pipeline? Can you do it?”

Cramer responded, “Well, I believe that we can, Stuart. … When I introduced the bill, within a matter of a few hours, we had 14 or 15 cosponsors. And remember, that this is an issue where the Nord Stream 2 — the official policy of the United States is to oppose the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.”

He added, “We’ve not talked to Democrats. Of course, we’re now not in session until next Monday, but we do have a number of Democrats who have spoken out against what the president did in lifting the sanctions. We have members of the Armed Services Committee and the other committees that are Democrats who have been strongly opposed to lifting sanctions, that have been greatly opposed, of course, to Nord Stream 2. Like I said, it’s the official position of the United States of America.”

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