Dem Rep. Sherman: Democrats Who Don’t Support Israel ‘Don’t Really Have an Understanding’ of the History

Sunday on “Fox News Live,” Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) addressed some of the members of his own party not supporting Israel in its ongoing conflict with terrorist organization Hamas.

Sherman pointed out that he has been combating the lack of knowledge regarding Israel’s history and the conflict among his fellow Democrats since the 1980s, so “this is nothing new.”

“This is nothing new,” Sherman advised. “There have been elements in the Democratic Party. I’ve been combating them since the 1980s who don’t really have an understanding of Israel’s history or of the history of the Middle East conflict. I think that the latest attempt is to try to deny Israel the JDAMS. Well, what are the JDAMS? I don’t think the opponents of Israel have noticed that this is a device designed to make sure that a bomb doesn’t hit the wrong target. So, if you’re going to complain that Israel’s bombing is imprecise, to deprive Israel of the very mechanisms it needs to make sure that the bombs don’t hit the wrong target is critically important.”

“To say to Israel you have the right to defend yourself but you should use dumb bombs instead of smart bombs is an invitation to far more civilian casualties,” he concluded.

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