Kinzinger: January 6 Will Impact Republicans in Midterms If Party Is ‘Denying Reality and Facts’ of Attack

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” that Republicans opposing the so-called January 6 commission will impact the GOP in the 2022 midterm elections.

Anchor Chris Wallace asked, “Why do you think that Senate Republicans lead by Mitch McConnell are going to apparently block this commission. Do you think it’s all about politics on their part, and don’t they have a point that one of the reasons the Democrats are pushing so hard for this commission is because they want to bring the controversy over what happened on January 6th and over the alleged role that Donald Trump played in it, they want to bring that into the 2022 midterms?”

Kinzinger said, “Well, here’s a revelation, this is going into 2022 midterms anyway, particularly if us as Republicans don’t take ownership for what happened. If every other day there’s a new conspiracy theory about what happened in the Capitol, anybody but what it was, and so yeah, then I think it’ll go into 2022, and we will look like we are just sitting here denying reality and facts.”

He added, “I get it. It may have a political impact. I’m going to tell you what had a political impact on 20202. If anything does, it’s going to be the attack on January 6 and then the subsequent denial to look in the mirror, tell the truth, take ownership for what we’ve done and recommit to telling the American people and Republican voters the truth. The Republican voter who has had their patriotism abused by somebody that simply wants to use it to maintain power, raw, noble patriotism is beautiful, and leaders should be inspiring that patriotism to defend democracy and not attack it.”

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