CNN’s Cuomo: Tump’s DOJ Makes ‘Watergate Look Like Jaywalking’ — He Was ‘Ugliest Example’ of Deep State

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said Thursday on “Cuomo Prime Time” that a New York Times story that former President Donald Trump had the Department of Justice subpoena Apple for data from Democratic lawmakers, aides, and family members, including Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) made “Watergate look like jaywalking.”

Addressing Schiff, Cuomo said, “Such a big part of Trump’s attraction was that he was going to go and disrupt the chaos. He was going to go in there and disrupt the ugliness and the deep-state stuff.”

He added, “The DOJ was being used as the muscle arm to shut people down who were going after the president’s behavior. I mean, I can’t think of — it literally makes Watergate look like jaywalking.”

Schiff said, “I never expected in this country to feel the way that so many people do in the developing world that they could be the subject of investigation by unscrupulous executive just because they want it done. And that’s such a terrible turn for this country. We’ve got to put up stronger guardrails to make sure this kind of thing never happens again.”

Cuomo said, “This is exactly what people thought Trump would change, which is something like a deep state, where they’re using an institution of government to investigate you in search of proof against you as opposed to proof driving an investigation. It is exactly what they thought he would change, and he was the ugliest example of the problem I’ve ever seen.”

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