CNN’s Sellers: Critical Race Theory Is Just ‘America’s History’

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” CNN Political Analyst Bakari Sellers argued that “Critical Race Theory can go by another name: America’s history.”

Sellers said, “I mean, the fact is I think that Critical Race Theory can go by another name: America’s history. It’s amazing that we’re having this discussion where we’re celebrating Juneteenth and now individuals don’t want to teach us what led us up to Juneteenth. It’s as if we want to keep a secret from our children that the founders of this country actually owned slaves. You know, at what point will we be able to teach children that what happened six years ago yesterday in Charleston, South Carolina was a white nationalist who walked into a church and murdered nine people? I mean, that is a part of America’s history. That’s a part of the fabric. And Critical Race Theory has been around for a long time.”

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