Michael Cohen: Trump’s Children Will Be Indicted ‘Next’

Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen predicted Thursday on CNN “Newsroom” that Manhattan prosecutors investigating the Trump Organization will indict former President Donald Trump’s children Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric “next.”

Anchor Alisyn Camerota said, “There were other people mentions, other employees, and it sounded like it goes beyond Allen Weisselberg. You think this is bigger than Allen Weisselberg. Who do you think is next to be indicted?”

Cohen said, “Well, I think Matthew Calamari is on the chopping block as well. He received the same type of perks. He received the same perks and benefits that Allen Weisselberg received. On top of that, I also believe there are other members of the Trump Organization, including the children, who are next to come up onto these indictments.”

Camerota said, “You don’t mean Allen Weisselberg’s children. You mean Eric and Don Junior and Ivanka?”

Cohen said, “Correct.”

Camerota said, “What do you think they would be indicted for?”

Choen said, “Again, their participation in different aspects of the company and how they ended up booking things for tax purposes, the benefits they took and received. Again, I don’t want people to think that this case is about Allen Weisselberg and an apartment and a free car and so on. It is substantially larger in scope than just that aspect. That is but the tip. That’s the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more that’s going to be coming.”

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