Dem Rep. Clark: McCarthy Saying Pelosi Created a ‘Sham Process’ Is ‘Beyond Hypocritical’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Ayman Mohyeldin Reports,” assistant House Speaker Katherine Clark (D-MA) reacted to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) criticism of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) select committee after the speaker vetoed two of his committee appointees.

McCarthy described Pelosi’s process as a “sham.”

Clark pushed back against McCarthy’s criticism, arguing it is “beyond hypocritical” because he could not put “every conspiracy theorist” on the committee.

“You know, what Kevin McCarthy has shown again today is that he is about perpetuating the big lie around our elections, around the insurrection and violence of January 6 and what led up to it,” Clark stated.

“Let’s look back on what led up to this select committee being formed,” she added. “For months we have negotiated with Republicans on how to put together a 9/11-style commission that would be non-partisan, that would be pulled out of politics, that we would be allowed to have bipartisan, bicameral appointees, that they would be shared and subpoena powers and quorum and even numbers of participants. Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, and Republicans rejected that. So today, for Kevin McCarthy to say if he is not allowed to put every conspiracy theorist that he wants on this very serious select committee, that this is somehow a sham process, it is beyond hypocritical. And Kevin McCarthy needs to remember who he’s sent here by — the American people. And at this time, with the fragility of our democracy exposed, we need to make sure that we are doing everything we can to get to the facts so that we can preserve and strengthen our democracy from this grave threat that occurred on January 6.”

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