Laredo, TX Mayor Saenz Calls on Biden to ‘Send More Resources’ to Border Towns

During Monday’s broadcast of “America Reports” on Fox News Channel, Laredo, TX Mayor Pete Saenz (D) asked President Joe Biden and his administration to “send more resources” to help some of the border towns such as his.

Saenz warned the rise of criminal activity in the area as a result of the cartels and gangs is “a splendid recipe for something bad to occur” in what he described as a “safe” city prior to the border crisis. He said his office has been asking Biden for help  “for months now.”

“Our situation here is more directed towards stash houses,” Saenz outlined. “There Laredo sector Border Patrol is seeing more single adults come through our area here. And these single adults are basically organized through the cartel and some local gangs. Luckily, our city is still very safe, but if we don’t obtain resources from the Biden administration as soon as possible, that may change. So, these stash houses, basically it’s organized. People are gathered there and they’re loaded into tractor-trailers or even trains leaving Laredo towards the north. And of course, it worries us because there’s criminal activity, there’s women, children, guns, money involved. So, it is just a splendid recipe for something bad to occur.”

“We need more Border Patrol. We need more technology. We need these migrants to be tested at the border before they travel further north. So, that’s the sort of things we need here at the border, but we need relief. We need to secure the border, frankly,” he added.

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