Biden on Images from Afghanistan of Packed Planes, People Falling: ‘That Was Four Days Ago, Five Days Ago’

During a portion of an interview with ABC News on Wednesday, President Joe Biden stated that images from Afghanistan of hundreds of people packed into planes and people falling are from “four days ago, five days ago” before the U.S. had control of the airport.

ABC host George Stephanopoulos asked, “[W]e’ve all seen the pictures. We’ve seen those hundreds of people packed into a C-17. We’ve seen Afghans falling –.”

Biden then cut in to state, “That was four days ago, five days ago.”

Stephanopoulos then asked, “What did you think when you first saw those pictures?”

Biden answered, “What I thought was, we have to gain control of this. We have to move this more quickly. We have to move in a way in which we can take control of that airport. And we did.”

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