Tuberville: Don’t Need to Get into 25th Amendment, Impeachment ‘Weeds’ — ‘Somebody Needs to Be Court-Martialed’ for U.S. Military Deaths

Tuesday, during an appearance on Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5, Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) said he believed President Joe Biden made the decision along on his drop-dead date of an Afghanistan withdrawal.

The freshman Republican U.S. Senator shrugged off the possibilities of removing Biden from office through the use of the 25th Amendment or impeachment. However, he suggested that a court-martial would be appropriate given the loss of life of what he deemed to be a “retreat” on the Taliban’s terms and not a withdrawal on our terms.

“It’s all about leadership,” he said. “You know that. I’ve always told you that. Being in any position where you make decisions is about leadership, and it’s about listening to people. You alone can’t make that decision yourself. You have to lean on people who know a lot more about it than you. I know just by hearing that, a lot of these generals said, let’s do not leave Bagram Airbase until we get everybody out. But for some reason, this president, and him alone, made the decision to come out. And there’s going to be people hollering for 25th Amendment and impeachment. We don’t need to get in those weeds. If we go anywhere, somebody needs to be court-martialed over this because we’ve got people killed that did not have to die.”

“I mean, it’s not like war,” Tuberville continued. “To take something over and you fight, you’re going to get people killed. But this was — we were retreating instead of withdrawing. This should have been a withdrawal on our terms, not retreating on the Taliban’s terms. We’ll have to go back — mark my words. We’ll have to go back during Joe Biden’s tenure. And we will lose lives of either trying to get people out, or taking something over, or something the Taliban has done — whether it is in London, whether it is in New York, whether it is in L.A. Something is going to happen because of terrorism and we’re going to have to go back. So, we handled it poorly. There should have been a lot more people involved in this than Joe Biden, himself, saying, ‘Hey, I got us out of this 20-year war.'”

“This wasn’t a 20-year war,” he added. “We had not been fighting for several years. We had just been training people to fight, and we only had 2,500 soldiers over there not really in harm’s way. It was just a terrible decision. It’s politics at its worst. Politics up here is knee-deep, and I just hate we got people killed because of a stupid decision by somebody that just wanted to say, ‘Hey, I got us out of Afghanistan.’ And well, you’re going to have to put us back in Afghanistan sooner or later because we’re going to have to go back in there and go after the people that came after us, or go after people we need to get out.”

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