GOP Rep. Gallagher: ‘We Don’t Have Leverage’ over the Taliban, China Will Give Them Whatever Money They Need

On Friday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) said the U.S. doesn’t have leverage over the Taliban because China will provide the Taliban with whatever money it needs, and they have the leverage of Americans who can be taken hostage.

Gallagher stated, “[T]he administration is out there telling us, well, don’t worry. The mission hasn’t ended. We can still get our people out. Because we have leverage. What a joke, Hugh. We don’t have leverage. Their entire theory of the case [is] that we have leverage because the Taliban want recognition, they want humanitarian assistance. But the Chinese are going to provide them with whatever cash they need. And leverage comes from victory on the ground, and they have it. We don’t. We surrendered to them. And now, they have the leverage that comes from hundreds of Americans potentially being taken hostage by the Taliban and sold to al-Qaeda or sold to some other country. We have no leverage.”

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