Levin: Biden ‘the Closest Thing We’ve Got to a Dictator Yet’

Fox News Channel “Life, Liberty & Levin” host Mark Levin on Sunday hammered President Joe Biden over his recent speech in which he announced vaccine mandates and other protocol measures to deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Levin argued that a scornful Biden “condemning” and “yelling” at American citizens over getting vaccinated makes him “the closest thing we’ve had to a dictator yet.”

“Joe Biden gave a speech the other day, and he always walks off. He doesn’t take questions like he is some kind of a dictator, and he is the closest thing we’ve got to a dictator yet,” Levin asserted. “He certainly is. He gives a speech. He doesn’t communicate with the American people as equals. He doesn’t treat you as a citizen. He is basically yelling at you, condemning you, lecturing you. He’s filled with scorn. You are not doing what he told you to do. Eighty million of you are unvaccinated — you are the reason people are dying. You are the reason there is a spread. You are the reason that we have these variants, not him. Remember how he used to use blame Donald Trump for every death that occurred as a result of the coronavirus? Well, how many new vaccines have been developed under Joe Biden? None. How many are under development? None that I know of. How about therapeutics? Many were developed under Donald Trump — none that I’m aware of right now.”

He continued, “So, what is he going to do? He’s not going to take responsibility — Joe Biden — for what he’s failed to do, having congratulated himself on July 4 for basic victory over the virus. No, it is your fault. It’s not Biden’s fault for having the southern border open, and potentially 2.5 million people coming across the border in his first year, many of whom have all kinds of diseases and all kinds of issues, including the coronavirus. What does he do? He gives a speech in which he congratulates himself. He attacks the governor of Florida; he attacks the governor of Texas. He dismisses everything that came before him. This is a man who is out of control. This is a fool with enormous power. You can support vaccinations, as I do, without supporting tyranny.”

“There is a serious question whether Congress can delegate this power to OSHA, which it hasn’t,” Levin added. “And yet, this is their argument. And the same time that they are threatening small businesses with horrific fines and to fire people without vaccines, people in small business are having trouble hiring people. This is going to create economic dislocation, of which Joe Biden knows nothing because he’s never worked in the private sector. He’s almost 80 years old, and he’s spent his entire life in government telling people what to do rather than doing something. This is a big constitutional issue. It is a big economic issue. And the idea that he thinks he can sign an executive order or that the Labor Department can put out regulation and snap his fingers then Joe Biden can control the economy. That is what I mean about American marxism. That is what I mean that this man is as close to a dictator as we ever had.”

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