Weingarten: ‘Vaccines Are a Way of Life’

Tuesday on “CNN Newsroom,” American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten sounded off on the possibility of schools requiring the coronavirus vaccine with the other required vaccinations going forward.

Weingarten predicted the coronavirus requirement “is going to happen in virtually all districts” after the vaccine is fully authorized for us. She added that “vaccines are a way of life.”

“I think that is going to happen in virtually all districts after … vaccines are not on emergency use, but are fully authorized,” Weingarten stated. “I think that there is a hesitancy right now, no pun intended, because we don’t yet have a vaccine for kids who are 2 to 12. I’m hopeful that that’s going to happen soon. But vaccines are a way of life. And in these states where, you know, there is hesitancy or resisting about this one, when we have so many already, I think we have to get through the disinformation, and we have to find ways to make sure that the public knows, starting with educators, health care workers, employers all over, that these vaccines are safe and effective.”

“But we have to get through this terrible misinformation and the confusion that’s set up when you have a governor in Florida who has somebody at a press conference who goes through complete disinformation as the governor is standing right there,” she concluded.

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