George Will: Trump Demonstrated How One Man with ‘Lack of Conscience’ Can Change America for the Worse

MSNBC political commentator and author George Will said Friday on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that former president Donald Trump demonstrated how rapidly one man with a “lack of conscience” can change the entire tone of public life for the worse.

Mitchell said, “In your new book, you write that it has been well said that the United States is the only nation founded on a good idea, the proposition that people should be free to pursue happiness as they define it. In recent years, however, happiness has been elusive for this nation in which too many people think and act as tribes and define their happiness as some other tribe’s unhappiness. How do we get out of this predicament?”

Will said, “Well, the good news is inherent in the bad news. The bad news is that Donald Trump demonstrated how to rapidly one man with feral cunning and a demigod’s lack of conscience can change the entire tone of public life. But if one man can change it for the worse, another person can come along and change it for the better. That’s the challenge for some Republicans to step forward and say to the country, deep breath, we are not enemies, and we must not be enemies. That’s the language from Lincoln’s first inaugural. I think the country would sigh with relief and be so happy to find the politics that they can shove to the side of their lives and not have consumed with all this kind of nastiness that percolates into their living rooms by this wonderful medium of television.”

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