Mary Trump: Donald Trump Is a ‘Clear and Present Danger’ — Our Democracy Is on the Brink

Former President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, said Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” that her uncle was “a clear and present danger” to American democracy.

Trump said, “We can’t pretend these things are not happening. I have been told many times all we need to do is ignore Donald, and this will all go away, and that’s absurd. He’s a clear and present danger. He continues to be propped up by his entire party. The Republican leadership continues to find him useful and continues to help him spread the big lie about the election and the big lie about the insurrection. I don’t believe we can look away. I’m very glad nothing happened yesterday, but as you said earlier, that doesn’t mean we can let our guard down because the right-wing media will spin it in such a way that the rally goers were silenced somehow, or they weren’t allowed to exercise their rights. It’s going to continue to be an issue going forward.”

She added, “I’m not entirely sure why these media outlets are allowed to lie so blatantly to the American people to the point where our very fragile democracy is on the brink. It really is. We have not dodged the bullet yet. and people are actively being told to put themselves in a situation vis-a-vis COVID where they’re putting their lives, their children’s lives, and other people’s lives at risk.”

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