Kerry: Biden ‘Literally Had Not Been Aware of What Had Transpired’ on Submarine Deal

During an interview with France’s BFMTV released on Monday, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry stated that President Joe Biden “literally had not been aware of what had transpired” with the submarine deal between the U.S. and Australia.

Kerry stated, “President Biden asked me about it, and I told him and expressed –.”

Interviewer Ulysse Gosset then cut in to ask, “You told Joe Biden that it was not the right –?”

Kerry cut in to respond, “He asked me. He said, what’s the situation? And I explained exactly. He was — he had not been aware of that. He literally had not been aware of what had transpired. And I don’t want to go into the details of it, but suffice it to say that the president — my president, is very committed to strengthening the relationship and making sure that this is a small event of the past and moving on to the much more important future.”

(h/t National Review)

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