Bartiromo Warns U.S. Becoming a ‘Welfare State’ — ‘Negative Impact of All that Stimulus Being Thrown at People’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” network anchor Maria Bartiromo reacted to the Labor Department reporting a 61% labor participation rate in the United States.

Bartiromo said the jobs report showed the United States had created a “welfare state” as a result of all of the stimulus money “being thrown at people.”

“Unfortunately, there are 11 million jobs, but employers can’t get the people to come back to work to take the jobs,” Bartiromo stated. “So, you can have all the jobs in the world, but if an employer actually can’t find that skilled person to put in that job, you are out of a job, and you are out of a person getting that job. So, that’s why I’m focusing on this labor participation rate. It sounds complicated. It’s not. Sixty-one percent of those people are actually participating. That means they’re either looking for a job or they’re in the workforce right now. This is the number that sticks out to you in this report because it underlines the negative impact of all of that stimulus being thrown at people.”

“Even though the … unemployment extended benefits went away, they’re still saying I’m not ready to go back to work, I have got enough money, and I’m expecting more money to come at me, creating this welfare state,” she continued. “Not good.”

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