Orlando Magic’s Isaac Pushes Back Against Vaccine Mandate — ‘Blatant Miscarriage of Information by the Media Has Turned This Thing so Sour’

Monday on FNC’s “Fox News Primetime,” Orlando Magic power forward Jonathan Isaac hit back against the media for pushing the coronavirus vaccine mandate across the country and vilifying those who refuse to follow the mandate.

Isaac said that the “blatant miscarriage of information by the media has turned this thing so sour.” He also highlighted the “vitriol” aimed at those who push back against vaccine mandates that is resulting in people losing their jobs.

“You know, a lot went into my decision for not deciding to get the vaccine,” Isaac explained. “For starters, I have had COVID in the past. I’ve come to understand that our reactions as to immunity natural infection is robust and long-lasting. And so I have that. With my current physical fitness level and my age group, I don’t feel I’m in a category of, you know … necessary need right now to get the vaccine.”

“[T]he craziness and the vitriol going around right now, people losing their jobs, I feel there is a blatant miscarriage of information by the media has turned this thing so sour, and it’s been politicized, and I see people, and I’m standing with people who are deciding not to get it on the backs of freedom,” he added.

Isaac called into question the “scientific” grounds for vaccine mandates that seemingly ignore the natural immunity aspect for those who have had the coronavirus.

“It’s not that people should not get the vaccine. That’s not the argument,” he advised. “It’s that for me there aren’t scientific legal or to me moral grounds for the vaccine mandate. I think when you have taken into account the nature of COVID and the nature of the vaccine that doesn’t stop infection or transmission, the nature of natural immunity that hasn’t been talked about, and then obviously the polarization by the media that has created such distrust.”

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