Stefanik: Biden Mocking Unvaccinated for Exercising Their Freedom ‘Un-American’

During Friday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) reacted to President Joe Biden mocking people who cite their freedom of choice not to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Biden said police officers and first responders should be fired if they refuse their employers’ mandates to get vaccinated, adding the vaccine-hesitant have the “freedom to kill” people.

Stefanik called Biden’s remarks “absolutely absurd” and “un-American.”

“My reaction is this is absolutely absurd, and sadly, it’s very typical of Joe Biden and the Biden administration to attack Americans’ everyday freedoms,” Stefanik emphasized. “First of all, they are turning their backs on law enforcement officers and first responders who put their lives and their health on the line every single day, particularly during the COVID pandemic. We’ve also seen in New York State the consequence of these unconstitutional mandates with Governor Hochul’s mandate requiring health care officials having that mandate regarding vaccines. We have seen walkouts, and this is while our health care, our hospitals, our community health centers have already faced staffing shortages. And even in my district, we have a rural hospital that’s no longer able to deliver children, deliver babies, because of these mandates. So, it’s unconstitutional. It is an attack on everyday freedoms.”

She later added, “These mandates are unconstitutional, and it’s an attack on our very freedoms in the country. And to have the President of the United States mock freedom, frankly, that’s un-American.”

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