Youngkin: VA Election Results Show American People Care About Kitchen Table Issues

Thursday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin sounded off on the GOP’s successful election this week in his state.

According to the Virginia Republican, voters sent a loud message that they care about the kitchen table issues of low taxes, education, the economy and safe communities. Youngkin added that voters want elected officials to quit getting “distracted” with other issues that don’t matter to them.

“Just starting with Virginia, Maria, yeah, we took back our house of delegates, and that was a big statement,” Youngkin outlined. “I think this just reflects the fact that the kitchen table issues of low taxes and great schools and safe communities and oh, by the way, a growing economy with job opportunities, these kitchen table issues had been pushed to the background, and voters in Virginia said no, no, no, these are the most important topics for us. And that’s why as we laid out our agenda, we focused on those things that are most important to get done, and I do believe that folks have gotten distracted about how to deliver for those that elect us to go serve them.”

He continued, “[W]e’re going to get our taxes down, we’re going to make sure our schools are going to be excellent, we’re going to make sure our communities are safe, and we have a growing economy with great jobs for people. And that doesn’t sound so difficult, Maria, but this is what voters in Virginia and I think voters around the nation are speaking very loudly about, which is this is what we want from our government, and please stop getting distracted on all of these other topics. Focus on the things that will improve our lives, and that’s what we are going to do here in Virginia. it will be an exciting first day on January 15.”

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