MSNBC’s McCaskill: Kevin McCarthy ‘Worse’ Than Trump — He ‘Acts Like’ He Cares About America

MSNBC contributor former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) said Monday on “Deadline” that  House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was “worse” than former President Donald Trump because he “acts like” he cares about America.

When asked to respond to a threatening voicemail sent to Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill, McCaskill said, “Shame on Kevin McCarthy. Shame on him. You know, he has a member who is tweeting a cartoon showing him killing a fellow member of Congress. He has this kind of thing going on.  He’s got members tweeting out phone numbers, calling fellow Republicans traitors, and he does nothing.”

She continued, “I mean, this guy is worse in some ways than Donald Trump because he dresses all up and acts like he’s normal and that he cares about America, and all he cares about is keeping Donald Trump happy so that he can be Speaker of the House.”

McCaskill added, “By the way, what he’s doing right now is totally poisoning the well. It’s totally poisoning the well of democracy for anything to get done on a bipartisan basis going forward regardless of which party is in charge. Shame on him. I blame the leadership of the Republican Party in the House as much as I blame anybody else for where we find ourselves right now, with all of these ugly threats being put up with and not being condemned by people who know better.”

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