Brzezinski: Kennedy Bringing Up Biden Nominee Omarova’s Ties to Communism ‘Sick’ — ‘Made Me Want to Cry’

MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski on Friday said Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) alluding to Biden nominee Saule Omarova’s ties to communism made her “want to cry.”

“You used to be a member of a group called the Young Communists, didn’t you?” Kennedy asked Omarova during a Senate Banking Committee hearing considering her nomination to serve as the Comptroller of the Currency.

He added, “I don’t know whether to call you Professor or Comrade.”

After airing a clip of the back and forth between Kennedy and Omarova, Brzezinski exclaimed, “Oh my god!”

She then called Kennedy’s line of questioning “sick.”

“Here, you actually have a United States Senator of the United States of America who’s trying to attack a woman because her parents had the misfortune of being born in one of the most brutal regimes in the history of mankind and that they indoctrinated her as a little girl, and he’s trying to use that against her” host Joe Scarborough lamented.

“Look at what she’s done with her — what incredible accomplishments in her life, and now wanting to serve,” Brzezinksi stated. “And to be served up that?”

“This was sick,” she added. “This was really hard to watch. It made me want to cry. … That was really bad.”

The “Morning Joe” panel all agreed Kennedy’s behavior was “really bad” and “ugly.”

“It’s beyond despicable,” Scarborough concluded.

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